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Venus (Sukr)

Sukr or venus rules the creativity in a person. It also rules the romantic , marriage and any kind of mutual partnerships. A well placed venus in the birth chart brings all kind of bliss in romance[...] 30/08/2014


Budh is the planet of intelligence and logical understanding. It is the the planet which learns quickly and love to sell his products. Great business man either in sales, marketing, education, scie[...] 30/08/2014


Ketu is basically the planet of detachment. Ketu is our past and that part of past that we have already mastered in previous life. Anything mastered in previous life..is not one’s priority in[...] 30/08/2014


Saturn is considered the most dreadful planet in vedic astrology. It causes limitation, hardships, personality disorders, is cruel and brings fear in natives. That is partially true. Saturn never i[...] 30/08/2014

Jupiter (Guru)

Guru or Jupiter is the most benefic of all planets. It is the planet of optimism and positivity. Our sages has seen ‘Guru’ as karaka of several aupicuous things in life. It is karaka of[...] 30/08/2014


Rahu is the planet of obsession…Passion is different than obsession. When we are obsessed..we fail to differentiate between good and bad. For example.. if Rahu is placed in the ‘house [...] 30/08/2014

mars (Mangal)

The first that comes in the mind with mars is “red colour”. and what is red in human body is “blood”.Blood is related with accidents, war, winning over enemies by physical i[...] 30/08/2014


‘chandra’ or ‘moon’ is pivotal in predictive astrology. Even transit analysis is done with respect to moon. Moon is basically our mind and its interaction with outer world. [...] 30/08/2014


Sun is one the most important planet after “Lagna” and “moon”. Sun is the planet of ego, personality, government related things, leadership, politics and desire for respect.[...] 30/08/2014

Simha(Leo) Sign

Simha natives are represented by lion as a symbol. Just like lion, these natives are born to rule. It is a glamorous and show-off sign. They have the tendency to show-off their money, beauty, statu[...] 29/08/2014

karka (Cancer) Rashi

Karka Rashi is the most emotional and caring sign. It has protective feeling and generally shy and reserved. Being a watery sign, Karka natives can mix in any environment and adjust to any situatio[...] 27/08/2014

Mithuna (Gemini) Rashi

Gemini or Mithun Natives are communicative and multitasking.They love to talk either deliberately or in the form of gossiping. They can be called as “master of Ideas”. If somebody appro[...] 24/08/2014

Vrishabh (Taurus) Rashi

A native born under Vrisabh rashi is a true materialistic person. He is generally lazy, has love for money,believes in experiencing the finest things in life, extremely sexual and values its family[...] 23/08/2014

Mesh (Aries) Rashi

The placement of moon is most important in vedic astrology as it determines the Rashi of a native. The basic characteristic of a native is represented by these twelve rashis where moon is placed at[...] 23/08/2014