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karka (Cancer) Rashi

Karka Rashi is the most emotional and caring sign. It has protective feeling and generally shy and reserved. Being a watery sign, Karka natives can mix in any environment and adjust to any situations. This Rahi is ruled by moon, the planet of variability. as you may be aware, moon size constantly changes. It is brightest on ‘Purnima’ (Sukla Paksha) and nil on ‘Amavasya’(krishna paksha). On similar lines, Karka natives are of changing disposition and extremely moody. They are very sensitive and get hurt easily. Cancer is also connected with water, milk, sliver and any kind of nourishment. It is truly representative of our mother and natives are usually close to their mother and family. Natives fall under this Rashi are generally found in import-export, fisheries, sailors, captains, caterer, nurse, teachers, milk products etc.They can be great social workers, leaders, politicians and businessman. Karka is the 4th sign and hence represents our chest and lungs. Any affliction to this sign can cause problems in lungs and chest. Mars is debilitated here and very uncomfortable. Mars is the planet of action and energy and emotions are like obstructions in taking any solid action. Being moody in disposition, karka natives are found unpredictable in love affairs. However, they are good listeners and have the patience to understand other problems. Hence they are the best healers in distress. who doesn’t want such a caring friend and spouse!!!