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Makar( Capricorn) Rashi

‘Makar’ is perhaps the most successful among all Rashis in materialistic world. Ruled by saturn, It is most serious and disciplined rashi. Makar Natives are status oriented and always l[...] 18/09/2014

Dhanu (sagittarius) Rashi

Dhanu is the most religious Rashi ruled by the most auspicious planet Jupiter. It is sign of righteous path and all about following rules and regulations. Being ruled by Jupiter, it also indicates [...] 08/09/2014

Vrischik (Scorpion) Rashi

Vrischik is an intense and secretive sign and represents the passive energy of Mars. Mesha , the other Rashi ruled by mars, is very active and quick, where as Vrischik has the patience and wait for[...] 06/09/2014

Tula(Libra) Rashi

Tula falls exactly in the middle of the 12 rashis. Thus it represents the balance between our private and professional life. A ‘tula’ native always tries to maintain equilibrium in ever[...] 03/09/2014

Kanya (Virgo) Rashi

Kanya is a Hardworking and disciplined sign. These natives are very critical and love to keep the surroundings clean. They have generally soft corner for small pets and all unprivileged groups such[...] 01/09/2014