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Sun, father and personality

Sun is a very powerful planet in our zodiac system. It is most bright and assertive planet and has been assigned the status of king in vedic astrology. Although Hindu astrology pivots around Moon d[...] 28/03/2015

Ascertaining the Best field of Education

Education is something like oxygen in today’s society. Without education, one can not communicate, survive or get respect in the society. Each and every parent is so conscious that one’[...] 26/03/2015

Venus, Love and Married Life

Venus is a very important planet in Vedic or Hindu astrology. It is karaka for relationships, love, love affair, marriage, married life, sexual relation, bed pleasure, luxurious life, Vehicles and [...] 21/03/2015

Pisces (Meena) yearly prediction 2015

Pisces is the last sign among 12 zodiac sign. It is the sign of ‘Moksha’ and Spirituality. It is also significator of our journey to the next world, hence a very important sign. It is r[...] 08/03/2015