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Aquarius Rashi- Yearly Prediction 2017 (Based on Moon Sign)

This prediction is based on moon sign. Please do not get confused with sun sign which depends only on date of birth and position of Sun. So you are suggested to first find out Moon sign in birth chart and read this article. Aquarius are the most unique natives when comes to taking any decision. They are the real inventors and give something new to the society.

This year Jupiter is placed in 8th house in transit. 8th house is the house of ups and downs, surprise events, diseases and learning lost literature. Hence, this year Jupiter would help the native in stabilising the life. It would control the chronic diseases and bring relief. So natives must exercise all medical advice to get the relief. You may get inclination in learning astrology or finding out the truth behind your past. Those who are into research are going to be benefitted. One would certainly get a good deal in house and flats and invest into that. There are also chances for getting the family property through legacy. Those who are married who get the support from In-laws. The female natives would have some time with their mother-in-law. One can also gain through lotteries and share market. The aspect on 12th house is excellent for sadhana. So those are trying for siddhi of a particular mantra can do this year as Jupiter is supporting that. The young sibling may face some health issues. After September, Jupiter would transit to 9th house of fortune. So there is all round enhancement of fortune after September. The father would receive lot of respect in society. He would gain in Job or business any may receive award for his hard work. An excellent phase for children’s education too as they would clear competitive exams. The native can expect enhancement in savings as he has more money in hand now. By end of 2017, One’s marriage may be fixed, so cheers to unmarried girls and boys. Also if somebody is trying for 2nd marriage, definitely this Jupiter would help you in finding the suitable partner.

The transit of Rahu in 7th house is excellent for business but relationship with spouse may take a dip. Ketu in 1st house may cause some cuts or burns. Native can expect frequent headaches. In august Rahu-Ketu axis is moving along 6th and 12th house. Rahu in 6th house is making you brave this year and can being win in court cases. However you need to cautious against hidden enemies. Do not believe on anybody just like that. Saturn placement in 11th house is excellent for overall gain. It would assist Jupiter in fixing marriage and gain through professional circle. 11th house is expected gain, so the more sincerely in invest in activity, you are definitely going to get positive result. This Saturn is guaranteeing that. The aspect on 5th house is again creating the condition for child birth.

Nothing is better than auspicious position of Saturn in the chart. This year and coming 2 years, Saturn is promising lot of gains. So appease Saturn by keeping fast on Saturday. If Lord Shani is smiling on you, No body can stop you.