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Leo Rashi- Yearly Prediction 2017 (Based on Moon Sign)

This prediction is based on moon sign. Please do not get confused with sun sign which depends only on date of birth and position of Sun. So you are suggested to first find out Moon sign in birth chart and read this article. Leo natives are natural public performers and need lot of appreciation to establish their identity.

Family and wealth are the focus points of this year. The greatest benefic Jupiter is posited in 2nd house of wealth and saving. Thus natives are definitely going to enjoy immense happiness through near and dear ones. Being 5th lord, Jupiter can bless you with success and achievements in studies. The children can become the source of prestige and happiness. The parents worried over the settlement of children may find the sense of relief this year. Till September there is also a strong indication of gaining through share market and windfall gains. So follow the trend of sensex and invest judiciously. The stuck money may be recovered as Jupiter is aspecting the 8th house. The aspect on 6th house indicates that family members would help you in paying back your debts. One can also gain through courts and out of court settlement. The aspect on 10th house is indicating the strong chances of promotion and hike in much needed salary. The placement of Jupiter in 2nd house is again supporting singers and stage performers. They can get sudden big opportunities to perform at various levels. Family wealth is also going to be boosted. The transit of Jupiter in Libra sign after September 2017 is going to boost your fortune. You are definitely gaining without putting real effort. However, real effort is always long lasting. Natives may come lazy and easy going. The small entrepreneurs are destined to get back the return on their investments. This Jupiter is definitely going to help your younger sibling. He may get promotion and hike in Salary. You may have to do short and long journeys in connection of job. These Journeys are going to bring financial gains, so do not hesitate to travel after September. Gain by End of 2017, you are going to find a suitable marriage partner for you. Rahu in 12 and 6th axis is bringing fortune to all on-site aspirants. Rahu would definitely help you in pushing your candidature for foreign movements. The Jupiter transit in 3rd house after September is assisting the Rahu this year. Ketu in 6th is excellent for wiping out the enemies but can cause accidents and burns.

Rahu in the other hand is giving you wealth through materialistic spiritualism. You can gain through Yoga, reiki and any stress-relieving workshops. The varshphal is incomplete without Saturn. In 2017 Saturn is transiting in 5th house of education, child and competition. The native can gain through wife or wife may get a good job. However, it can cause health issues to new-borns. Not a very positive placement for father’s fortune. One’s father may face difficulty in promotion or stiff completion in business. Those are already having heart related issues, needs to be careful till Saturn is posited in 5th house. On the other hand, this position is certainly going to help in fixing marriage, No more flirting, says Lord Shani.

This is great year for Leo natives but energy needs to be channelized for maximum success. You need to catch the right signals. In case of any confusion, connect with your deity.