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1st house :  strengthens the overall chart, blessed with early child, Positive attitude, full of wisdom, loves to preach others, usually blessed with good health unless debilitated, good speaker and well-versed in shastras, religious, long lived and learned, heavy body, can suffer with kapha dosha, if afflicted false vanity, exalted Jupiter forms Mahapurusa yoga resulting into immense fame, respected for good qualities.

2nd house : Very sweet tounged, can become a singer, loves sweet dishes, prosperous and wealthy if not afflicted, Vak-siddhi, can predict the future events, protects the native from serious diseases, gains through family wealth, connected with banking and finance, brings wealth through good deeds, handsome in case of male, big and beautiful eyes in case of female natives, fond of poetry and well versed in administrative affairs.

3rd house : religious and visits many pilgrims, numerous long and short journeys, gets name and fame as motivational speaker, afflicted Jupiter can cause dumbness and deafness, good number of brothers or brothers prosper very well, can be miser, happy married life, does not allow couple to separate, fame rather than wealth, can cause humiliation if associated with 8th lord.

4th House: All round domestic happiness, mother is very religious and long lived, excellent education up to 10th, early gain of house, property and conveyances, produces land lords, a very positive environment in home,  can be associated with Ministers especially in cancer, usually  nominated not elected, can get land through legacy, if afflicted one may have home in foreign lands.

5th house: Sincere in love affairs, love gets converted into marriage, early child if Jupiter is afflicted, even slight affliction causes childless ness or some defect in child, average achievement in graduation, area of education can be history, finance or biology, good conservationist, well versed in chanting mantras, full of glory and feed others, fatty liver, can cause accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels, appointed early at high government posts.

6th house : Free from diseases but have tendency to pile up debts, tries spiritual methods to win over enemies, gains from child hospitals, takes up the cause of bringing change in society through motivational speeches, can be associated with court- usually judge or law maker, may suffer with cold and tumour, diabetes, cholesterol, cordial relation with maternal uncles.

7th House: usually happy married life, religious and beautiful spouse, believes in sanctity of religious institution, spouse is learned, chaste and devoted to husband, however debilitated or weak Jupiter causes break in marriage, superior to father in good qualities, brings enormous name and fame. Good for partnerships and business.

8th House: Long lived, wealthy In-laws, sudden wealth through legacies, can excel in insurance business, fear of heights, afflicted Jupiter causes enormous fear, inclination in astrology, tantras, Hidden Knowledge, strives for kundalini activation, interest in dark subjects,  delay in child birth, excels in unearthing black money.

9th house: performs religious and charitable deeds, visits several pilgrimages, pious, wealthy, father long lived, good relation with father, gets right guru early in life, follows the advice of guru and father, if afflicted can produce fundamentalists, Long journeys, success in printing and communication area,  give protection to many, philosophical, blesses with early child, have close connection with powerful minsters or can be a minister.

10th House: In cancer & Sagittarius forms Mahapurusa Yoga, gets immense popularity, large group of followers, can excel as Sad Gurus, born preachers, perform righteous deeds, study Gita, widespread reputation, posted at powerful positions, if afflicted, can cause friction with colleagues in Belief system, Native may try to exert his views on others.

11th house: large network circle, believes in organising gathering to prove his position, excellent in hospitality, gain from share market and network management, learned, wealthy and widespread reputation after 32 years, effortless financial gains. Gains from elder brother.

12th house: Highly intuitive mind, does meditation to attain salvation, gain from foreign countries and MNCs, reiki healers, does sadhana in isolated places, can incur lot of debts,  connected with hospitals, spiritual writing and teaching, clairvoyance.