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Libra (Tula) Yearly Prediction 2015

Natives born under ‘Tula’ Rashi are of balanced disposition and it is considered one of auspicious Sign in Hindu Astrology. They can come out of any difficult situation using their tact[...] 29/01/2015

Kanya (Virgo) yearly 2015 Prediction

Kanya’ being a Sign of Perfection is well supported by exalted Jupiter this year. Jupiter is transiting in 11th house upto july 2015 and would bless the couple with a beautiful child. Now this is ap[...] 22/01/2015

Yearly Simha (Leo) Rashi prediction 2015

Simha is one of the most assertive sign. He behaves like a King and can go to any extent to protect his People. The Year 2015 is all about going inside and understanding your own true nature. It is[...] 18/01/2015

Karkata ( Cancer ) Yearly 2015 Prediction

Cancer or Karkata is the sign of emotions and security. Family is their first priority in the list. This year exalted jupiter is placed in your Lagna and aspecting the house of education , Marriage[...] 13/01/2015

Gemini (mithuna) Yearly 2015 Prediction

Mithuna or Gemini is the sign of entrepreneurship and multi-tasking. This year exalted jupiter is placed in 2nd house of income and savings. Jupiter will bless you lot of money in your hand. Your f[...] 08/01/2015

Taurus (Vrisabh) year in 2015

Jai Sri Krishna For Taurus Natives, Jupiter is placed in 3rd house of communication and Self Effort upto July 2015. This Indicates lot of Improvement in Will power and effective communication. Peop[...] 04/01/2015

5th House- House of Creativity and procreation

5th house is one of the most auspicious house which controls the procreation part. It is also the house of ‘Children’. Our civilization progresses as new generation comes up when we pro[...] 03/01/2015

4th house- The house of comfort

4th house is analysed for private aspects of life. It is house of mental peace, property, Land, vehicle or any other comfort necessary for peaceful existence of human life. It is the house of Nourishm[...] 03/01/2015

Aries (Mesha) year in 2015

Jai sri krishna.. For Mesha Rashi, Jupiter, the greatest benefic, will be in 4th house up to july 2015. It will bless the Aries native with love and nourishment of mother, bring peace in home envir[...] 03/01/2015