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Scorpio Rashi- Yearly Prediction 2017 (Based on Moon Sign)

This prediction is based on moon sign. Please do not get confused with sun sign which depends only on date of birth and position of Sun. So you are suggested to first find out Moon sign in birth chart and read this article. Scorpio is the extreme sign. The natives are very hardworking and usually excel away from birth place.

The greatest benefic Jupiter is placed in 11th house of fulfilment of desires. Hence an excellent placement to achieve the goals of life. It can help in promotion and achievement on professional front. Jupiter being karaka for wealth is certainly going to bless you immense wealth through family and deposits. The aspect on 3rd house would help younger and elder siblings and one can gain through them. The relationship would siblings would improve. They would help you on several fronts. An excellent year to beat competitions and clearing exams. This would help in easy and smooth delivery if one is already pregnant. One can also gain through investments, share markets & business. One would have big hike in salary through promotions. There will be support of boss and colleagues till September. So if your promotion is due this year, you have every reason to smile. Those into politics and preparing for top posts of Government job may also have upper hand. On personal front, there would be stability in love relationships. Your soulmate would take you seriously and commitment is on the cards. The progression of Jupiter in 12th house in Libra sign after September 2017 is indicating a cautious approach. You are very positive in 1st half of 2017, but now Jupiter is telling you take judicious decisions. The expenses can rise in last 3 months of 2017. However, those in gulf, UK or USA can still expect good results. Being 5th lord, you can move to foreign countries to higher studies. Again one can buy his dream house by end of 2017. So if you planning since long, definitely you have big hope this year.

Rahu is transiting to 5th house of father and pilgrimages. Your success may take you away from your daily religious rituals. I suggest to continue doing your puja to get the blessings of deity. There can be differences with your superiors and father in fag end of 2017. Ketu in 3rd house can cause some arguments with siblings. The transit of Saturn in 2nd house is excellent for property and impart you wisdom to save money. You would spend money only on necessary basic needs. Probably that would assist to saving money for your dream home. However, you may face mental stress to meet the needs of your family and professional assignments. Try to maintain the balance.

A very good year to establish yourself on personal and professional front. However over-optimism to be restrained. Ultimately, our desires are the outcomes of the needs.