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1st house :  beautiful and charming, long lived, loved by wife, fond of ornaments, good dresses. Liked by women, surrounded by women, exalted venus confers all sorts of luxuries, wealthy, spends in enjoyments, confers very fine taste, can give rise to ‘Malvaya’ panchmahapurusa in Taurus & libra. Weak venus bereft native from wealth and enjoyment.

2nd house : Born in a wealthy family, Supportive family, gets and good food, never be in hunger situation, earn enormous wealth in Taurus and Libra, in case of female- extremely beautiful eyes, attractive face, however weak venus can cause eye diseases, tendency to accumulate Gems and Jewellery, selfish on monetary issues, eloquent and sweet voice.

3rd house : Tolerant, miser, fortunate to have siblings, more sisters than brothers, lacking in efforts, creative skills, hobby to play musical instruments, can excel in films and creative arts if 10th lord also gets associated, Singer and writer, lacks courage, lazy. Gets wealthy wife.

4th House: Venus attains Digbala in 4th house, excellent for domestic and mental peace, excellent decoration in House, early gain of own house, however if venus is 12th lord, one gets settled in Foreign Country, long lived and beautiful mother, Early gain of conveyances, one may get wife within family lineage, keeps costly items in House, rahu association with venus corrupt the mind- one may resort to corruption for luxuries. Gain through restaurant and Hotel.

5th house: Always likes to be in company of young women, numerous love affairs, strong indication for Love marriage. Highly creative, gets success in acting and film industry, blesses with early child, first child female, rise in father’s fortune after native’s birth, honoured by Government, adviser to  Government, weak venus causes failure in relationships.  

6th house : wealthy relatives especially maternal side, beware of women as they can damage reputation, urine infection and sexual transmitted diseases, issue with sperm potency, lacks the energy to fight against diseases, unafflicted Venus blesses with sound health, spends money to win over enemies. Not good for marital relationships, wife may be associated with Courts.

7th House: Passionate married life, conjunction with mars and mercury add more spice, excellent for business and partnerships, one may gain through business of female products, furniture, gems, jewelleries, beautiful and charming wife, spendthrift wife, fond of kissing, Venus alone is best, Venus and mercury conjunction – two relationships, In female chart- it gives charming and spendthrift husband, Venus + sun- ego clash.

8th House: Long lived, gains sudden wealth through wife, wife may belong to wealthy family, earn through legacy, women can cause loss to the reputation, obedient wife, gets indulged into excess pleasure, secret relationships, name and fame after death, learns secretive mantras to live strong and healthy.

9th house: Religious and visits pilgrimages regularly, fear of GOD and Supreme, born traveller, Travelling is like an enjoyment, wealthy father, you can have lady boss or Female Guru, devoted to meditation, perform religious rites, extremely wealthy if venus is also lord of 2nd or 11th house, weak venus develop relationship with elder women, fortunate in every sense.

10th House: excellent position for wealth and career, may work in white-collar job, surrounded by women at work place, Well- furnished Office, full of glory, work in film, hotel, restaurant, spa, beauty parlour or interior designer, do charity work, build temples and places of public utility.

11th house: wealthy friends, more female friends, Elder sibling – sister and one have good relation with her, learned, very wealthy, enjoys all comforts of conveyances, gain through rightful means, however malefic association leads to earn through unlawful activities, Gain through wife/ girl friend.

12th house: this Venus is Mokshakaraka, native earns lot of wealth, spends money recklessly, suffers in relationships, urine infection, may be associated with women hospitals, malefic association-sexual indulgence, all comforts of bed, rich, may be deceived by women.