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Vrishabh (Taurus) Rashi

A native born under Vrisabh rashi is a true materialistic person. He is generally lazy, has love for money,believes in experiencing the finest things in life, extremely sexual and values its family and its lineage. Being ruled by Venus, a planet of love. wealth and romance, these natives usually take up family business and primarily focusses on hoarding wealth and money. Vrisabh also represents our mouth and the quality of food we intake. Hence, if afflicted , inclines the native towards taking non-veg and tobacco products like gutkha etc. Vishabh is a fixed sign and earthly sign. His will power is very strong and once decided, sticks to its goal. they are generally found in family business, creative fields like singing, government jobs, gems dealers, agricultural products,farming, gardening, financial sectors etc. They are very much caring about family, so if your husband/ wife is taurus.. you are damn lucky.