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Moon and Mental Health

Moon is the most important planet in vedic astrology. The position of moon at the time of birth decides almost everything about the person. The total personality of an individual is sum total of La[...] 26/04/2015

Planets and Personality

Hindu astrology pivots around 9 planets including two shadow planets RAHU& KETU. All these nine planets impart a specific flavor to the native’s personality especially when associated wit[...] 19/04/2015

Planets and successful career

What is career? Career is the essence of life. It should not be limited to involvement in something for earning money. Career has to do something which can bring satisfaction in life. Hence there i[...] 12/04/2015

Jupiter, Dhana Yoga and Wealth

Wealth is the nervous system of today’s materialistic world. Money circulates and never stays at one place. After globalization, the sources of income and accumulation of wealth are numerous.[...] 04/04/2015

Manglik Dosha and Marital Disharmony

Manglik Dosha is the most feared dosha in vedic astrology. Mars is a malefic planet and its occupation or aspect in the house of Marriage is considered very auspicious. Mars is the planet of will p[...] 01/04/2015