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Pisces Rashi- Yearly Prediction 2017 (Based on Moon Sign)

This prediction is based on moon sign. Please do not get confused with sun sign which depends only on date of birth and position of Sun. So you are suggested to first find out Moon sign in birth chart and read this article. Pisces are probably the most easy going and emotional natives. They should work on improving the decision making part.

This year the major benefic planet Jupiter is posited in 7th house of marriage, business and partnerships. So 2017 is year of forging relationships. It is an excellent year for marriage as Jupiter is also aspecting the Lagna. The Love mates must seek to convert their heartily affair into the serious relationship. Those who aspires to start business through partnerships, you must go ahead and start your business. Being lord of 10th, Jupiter is also positive for spouse career. You can expect your spouse to enter the job or they would help you in strengthening the business. This year is also favourable for patching up the relationships. If married couples are staying apart, this year one must try to resolve the differences. The aspect on 3rd house is excellent for younger and elder siblings. The professional circle would expand this year. You may join some clubs for your own progress. Being 10th from 10th house, one can expect change in job or place till September 2017. So if you are not happy with current assignments, better switch to new job. This year you are spending more time with family. After September, Jupiter would progress to 8th house in Libra sign. So not very positive for health. You need to careful regarding health. Do not invest in share markets and lotteries or any speculation without well thought planning. Those into insurance can get financial benefit this year. Your Insurance policy would get mature and provide you much needed money. 2018 will be a positive year for buying or investing into property.

Rahu is transiting in 6th house and ketu in 12th house. 6th house rahu is excellent for beating competitions. You would defeat your enemies with tact and meticulous planning. Ketu in12th is making you spiritual. You may spend time in meditation, Reiki, Yoga or other stress relaxing techniques. In August, Rahu and Ketu axis would shift to 5th and 11th axis. There may be some distraction in studies. Stay away from distractions in life. Saturn position in 10th house would expand your responsibilities. The management would expect lot of output from you. You have to really work hard to meet their expectations. This Saturn is excellent for marriage again. The aspect on 12th house can bring foreign journeys. So your hard work will pay this year as Saturn is also the 11th lord. A truly family year is ahead. Personal and professional life needs to be balanced.

This year planets want you to spend more time with children and spouse. Ketu would help you in understanding your true self. May Lord Krishna Bless you.