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Sagittarius Rashi- Yearly Prediction 2017 (Based on Moon Sign)

This prediction is based on moon sign. Please do not get confused with sun sign which depends only on date of birth and position of Sun. So you are suggested to first find out Moon sign in birth chart and read this article. Sagittarian are the most honest and religious among all signs. They are usually very ambitious and believe in maintaining the tradition.

Jupiter and Saturn are the major planets to be analysed in transits as they stay for one year and two and half years respectively in a rashi. For Sagittarius natives, this year Jupiter is going to stay in 10th house till September 2017. Since Saturn is also placed in lagna, a very important and transforming year regarding career. One may clear a very prestigious exam or get a very good job or long awaited promotion is also expected. This Jupiter as lord lagna and 4th house is placed in house of Karma, property buying can be your concern. With your hard work, you would improve the financial conditions. The name and fame is also on the cards. However, This Jupiter is 6th from children, so one need to careful regarding child’s health. The aspect on 4th house can give you success in real estate, vehicles, elections and restaurant business. You are also likely to add up benign debt in order to fulfil the financial needs of your dream house. Since Jupiter is a benefic planet, the native would be inclined to do many good deeds. He may initiate activities which may benefit the society in long run. The opponents would not able to resist your wisdom this year and accept their defeat. From September 2017, this benefic Jupiter is moving to 11th house of prestige and fulfilment of wishes. So your hard work done during 1st half of 2017 to going to yield the fruits. You would get all kind of appreciations and rewards. There would be favourable time to plan for child as Jupiter is aspecting 5th house. For students, Sep 2017-Sep 2018 is going to very favourable. One may get admission into a prestigious institute. Being 8th from 4th house, there may be some family arguments which need to be dealt carefully. Sagittarian natives would find their soul mate and get married by end of 2017.

Till July Rahu is in 9th house of fortune. One may get fortune from foreign lands or may travel to foreign countries but relationship with father may suffer. Ketu in 3rd house would make your brave but may affect relationships. After July, as Rahu would progress to 8th house, one must be careful regrading health. Any health issues should not be ignored. The crucial planet Saturn is going to stay in Lagna this year. Saturn is lagna would making you very serious for your work and activities. You are determined to take up the things seriously that would result into rewards and appreciation. Saturn being in lagna is also condition of Sadesati, but not everybody should fear. The good or bad effects of Saturn purely depends on other conditions and prevailing dasha in the chart. But one thing is sure, as Jupiter is well placed this year, you would feel the maleficness of Saturn.

This is the year of achievement. Unnecessary fear of Saturn would only pull your further down. ‘Our karma shapes our destiny’. So work hard and Devote some time in your Deity for guidance.