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How to introduce myself ?

I am not very different than you and only playing my part in this wonderful world. I am here to fulfill my own ‘Karma’ and 'destiny' like you are doing all the time. Everybody is unique because his destiny is completely different than others. We are born in this life to accomplish the purpose assigned to us and carrying loads of accumulated “purva punya”. Having said that I am the man who is an ardent follower and practitioner of vedic astrology and my purpose in life is to assist people in solving their wordly problems and establish their faith in great Indian treatise of Vedic Astrology. 

One can’t imagine learning such 256-bit coded knowledge without a pious and knowledgeable ‘Guru’. I developed my interest in astrology through my ‘Guru’ Shri ‘Santosh Srivastava’ at the age of 18 years and since then I have slowly built up my knowledge base. By profession, I am an engineer which makes me a rational thinker. A rational thinker does not believe in any subject without cause and effect. I spent my initial 5 years in logically understanding the subject. I have found many astrological websites which share their knowledge base directly copied from “Parasara Hora Shatra’ (most authentic book in vedic astrology) ‘Saravali’ and many others. For Instance, there are various rajayogas which are destined to make you “king” but the question is ‘what the relevance of king in 21st century’. Similarly, there are planetary combinations like debilitated 4th lord in 12th house may separate you from yr family and home. This used to be considered a bad combination. Today most individuals feel fortunate if they get job opportunities in foreign land. There are several such concepts which have lost their relevance today. 

What I mean to convey here is that astrological concepts need to be revisited and reinterpreted suited to 21st century. We are in ‘Kalayuga’ and I believe that malefic planets such as Saturn, Mars, Rahu are more powerful than Benefic planets Like Guru, Venus and Moon. We are surrounded by society which is manipulative, materialistic and aggressive and successful people are those who are powerful in terms of manipulation and aggression. 

Regarding remedies too, I have my own opinion. I am not proposing that remedies do not work but not to the extent as mentioned in various sashtras. You might be thinking, I am opposed to Vedas and Puranas. No, certainly not. Actually I feel there is dearth of such pious gurus who can bring change in your destiny. The difficult part is finding such divine gurus. Through my experience, I have found that wearing Gems, offering Pooja to concerned Diety, fastings, Pranayam and meditation are effective remedial methods. 

consider myself as an unconventional astrology consultant cum psychologist, who diagnose and offer solutions and wish to bring smile on faces. After all who does not want to be ‘HAPPY’ and ‘CHEERFUL’!

Even a small suggestion can change your life, forever!

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"Jai Shri Radhe Krishna... Thanks a lot Guru ji for ur kind help and sharing ur spiritual knowledge with me...Krishna Krapa Karen" - Dua Shah

"It was a great good luck to get to you sir. A very troubled me got very satisfactory and real assessment of my birth chart and that of my girl. God Bless You Sir. You arent just an astrologer you motivated me to cope with the situations and I will. Jai Shri Krishna" - Abhishek Gupta