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Transit of Rahu and Ketu 2017

In transit Rahu-Ketu are progressing to Cancer/Capricorn axis from 18th of august 2017 and they will remain in these signs for next 18 months. Definitely they are going to affect our destiny in some or other way. The predictions given here are based solely on the position of rahu and ketu. The modifications in results may occur due to combined transit of other planets. In this background the effect of transit for each moon sign is given here.

Aries- Rahu and ketu are placed along 4/10 axis for Aries natives which are houses of mental peace, mother’s health, name and fame and career. Rahu being in cancer sign in Kendra can help in acquisition of property and vehicle. However it can affect the mother’s health and mental peace is at stake. You may be over stressed because of high demand both at work and home. The change of house and transfer is also possible. Regarding career, you may find some difficulty in adjusting with work environment. The change in work assignment or position is also on the cards.

Taurus- Taurus natives are going to enjoy this position of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is progressing to 3rd house of valour and self –effort. Hence rahu would impart lot of self-confidence in coming 18 months. You are able to execute the toughest decisions. This rahu can help in starting self-owned business. Ketu in 9th house is making you spiritual. You may visit pilgrimages or isolated places for mental peace. One can also question the prevailing religious and belief system. There can be health issues with father, if other combinations in the chart also support rahu/ketu.

Gemini- Rahu is going to fuel your desire for wealth in Cancer sign. Rahu being in 2nd house may offer several opportunities to earn wealth. However you need to be careful in choosing the right path. 2nd house being house of family, there can be separation from family for better earning. The diseases of mouth and teeth are also possible provided your 2nd house is weak. Ketu on the other hand, is placed in 8th house. These 18 months are best to learn the occult sciences. Ketu can give sudden interest in understanding the mysteries of life.

Cancer- Rahu/Ketu are along 1/7th axis for cancer individuals. This is directly connected with Lagna and married life. This rahu would bring mixed results. At one side, it would make you ambitious but on the other side can also cause confusion and indecisiveness. You have multiple plans which would waste your energy. Try to focus on one plan and pursue till end. This rahu can bring name and fame. If natal moon is weak, then one would have sinus and headache. Ketu in 7th house can affect partnerships, so do not enter into partnerships during this transit. Your emotions can be inconsistent that can affect love affairs. However this transit can also being marriage, so be ready for celebration.

Leo- Leo natives have rahu/ketu along 6/12th axis. Rahu in 12th can be boon for natives looking for foreign assignments. Rahu here is also aspecting 4th house of home. 12th being the house of addictions, one should try to refrain from any type of addictions especially who are born in purva phalguni nakshatra. You can have disturbing dreams which can also help you to evolve spiritually. Ketu in 6th house can help in defeating enemies. The service conditions are slightly challenging. One may try to help the needy spiritually.

Virgo- Again Rahu is progressing to a very powerful position for virgo natives. Rahu being in 11th house is promising enormous success in any field. One can get help from high officials. The network circle would expand. One can surely going to be benefitted from the investments. If this rahu is also transiting on natal venus, one can fall in love affairs. Ketu in 5th is good for computer and programming field. The natives can use this transit to get certification in new skills. Currently software industry is looking for new skills, this transit can be boon for virgo natives.

Libra- Rahu is moving in the house of career for Libra natives. 10th house rahu is very good for strengthening the career part. Your work would speak in coming 10 months. One would support from superiors, however the stress is at highest level. Ketu in 4th house is giving the solution. Make your home environment spiritual and dedicate some time on meditation. Regular mediation can help. Ketu in 4th is again not very supportive for mother’s health.

Scorpio- Rahu is connecting the occult thirst of Scorpio with religion in this transit. Rahu is moving to 9th house of long journeys and religion. There can be some differences with your father and gurus. One may use religion or customs for their professional advantage. Long journeys are on the cards. Spend long weekends for pacify your religious urge. You can also travel to foreign land. Ketu in 3rd is excellent for courage but relationship with sibling may turn sour.

Sagittarius- These natives have to fight against their inner fear in coming year. Rahu is moving to 8th house of secrets. You may be indulged in lot of secret activities which you can not disclose. Natives in the profession of hacking, detectives, forensic, mining, oil and petroleum are going to get the blessings of Rahu. One can also have windfall gains if supported by Vimshottari dasha. There is fear of snakes and wrong medication. Ketu in 2nd house may cause some difficulty on saving part.

Capricorn- Now Ketu is in lagna and rahu is in 7th house of marriage. Ketu is fiery in nature but Capricorn is a stable sign. So ketu is igniting some instability of thoughts. These natives can get opportunity to do something new and different from routine things. The spiritual fire may get ignited. If ketu is also transiting on natal mars, it can cause headache or minor injury. Rahu in 7th house is promising a good business skill. It can bring partners belonging to different religion or caste. Marriage or affair is also on the cards.

Aquarius- Ketu in 12th is strongest position for any kind of sadhana. So those who are looking for spiritual enlightenment, can surely get the benefit. It is now time to introspect the way of living. The expenses may go up. One can spend lot of money on charity. Rahu in 6th is again at the best position. You would vanquish your enemies both inside and outside of your body. You are able to defeat the inner fear and would take strong decisions. One would help the poor to gain social status.

Pisces- Rahu is going to 5th house for pisces natives. If natal venus or 5th lord is also placed in 5th house, one can have serious love affair in this transit. The education part may suffer to some extent because of wrong decisions. Hence it is advised to consider opinion of experience ones before choosing any subject. Ketu on the other hand is shrinking your dimensions. You would believe in working alone and would not ask for help. You would be looking for spiritual connections.