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Meditation,Astrology & Panch-Karma

All these science(Ancient) are co-Related Meditation & YOGA is purify our physical & mental health to achieve the path of Spirituality. YOGA AASAN purify our physical Body, Pranyam purify our veins , neurology & all tracks of digestive system, where the Meditation purify our mind, neurological health & gives us Anxiety Tension,Stress free mind which are the main cause of psychosomatic diseases like BP,Heart disease,insomnia etc STARS ABOVE US GOVERN OUR CONDITIONS, Astrology gives us the condition of our Stars,planet which is the cause of our illness. So by knowing the weak planet we should apply gems to strengthen the star,planet & elements our physical mental illness & achieved perfect health. Panch-Karma is a Aurevadic method to eliminate the extra cough,vile &gas(vata pith & cough) There are five methods to extract all these extra vata ,Pith,cough. Vomiting,Stooling,Stam Bath,Oil-Message,& Sherodhar which are the main methods to extract all wastes.which gives us perfect health. IF we apply all these, we will find our GOAL of LIFE. Physical,Mental & SPIRITUAL growth is Important for any Achievement of LIFE…..JGD Santosh..