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There are SIX Way’s to gain Knowledge - NAYNY, WASIST ,VEDANT,KARMA _ MEMANSA,UTTER _MEMANSA &YOGA YOGA was the easiest way to gain Knowledge because anyone can gain knowledge through this way. Anyone Who can think, can practice YOGA . Rest of ways were only for those people who are intellect & seeker of knowledge But Yoga is for all people . YOGA is well known as ASTANGYOG. Our Great Scholar (RISHI) was Author of this Great (GRANTH ) Maharishi PATANJALI was the Author of this KNOWLEDGE YOGA contain 8(eight) wing’s- Yam,Niyam , Aasan, Pratyahar, Pranyam , Dharan , Dhyan , Samadhi . Anyone wing is enough to achieve the goal of Knowledge But most of people use Aasan, Pranyam Dhyan to achieve SAMADHI