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Mesh (Aries) Rashi

The placement of moon is most important in vedic astrology as it determines the Rashi of a native. The basic characteristic of a native is represented by these twelve rashis where moon is placed at time of birth. Here Mesha Rashi means moon is placed in Mesha sign at the time of birth. Mesha is a very active and quick rashi and individual born under this sign are very active physically and mentally. It is the sign of individualism, ready to take up any challenge. It represents our Head, our Ego and personality. It is the sign of immense strength and domination. Ruled by Mars, these natives are suitable in medical, police, defence, surgery, sports, yoga, WWF, and similar other professions. Since Mesha is sign of assertiveness, Sun is most comfortable here and finds its exaltation. Mesha is a odd, fiery and movable sign. Its gender is male and represents the fire in body. They have the capacity to fight for injustice and protects the society from evil elements. Being moveable, natives are quick decision maker and does not ponder for long before taking any action. They do not stick to any thing very long and may fall prey to wrong advice and land up into troubles. Any affliction to this sign causes injuries of head or any problems related to brain. Hence Aries natives are advised to work in those areas which require lot of physical activity and challenges in life. Not afraid of their enemies, they go to any extent to win over them. This can produce great and forceful lawyers who are known for winning the cases at any cost.