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Simha(Leo) Sign

Simha natives are represented by lion as a symbol. Just like lion, these natives are born to rule. It is a glamorous and show-off sign. They have the tendency to show-off their money, beauty, status. Very difficult to work under subordinate position. Being indicator of name and fame, film stars, directors, politicians etc usually belong to this Rashi. Simha is ruled by Sun, the king of planetary system. Like sun, these natives dislike to work in subordinate position and they are generally suitable for government, medicine, stock exchange, speculative business, film, drama, high positions in government, gabling and similar speculative professions. Simha is a fiery and fixed sign. a fixed sign native is generally very confident and try to dominate in every situation. Being egoistic and proudy in disposition, they fall prey to sycophants and land into trouble. Stomach and heart are the two important body parts represented by LEO Rashi. Hence, If Leo is afflicted, natives are prone to stomach disorder and heart attack problems. Now a days, heart attacks have become very serious concern. This clearly indicates that even the planet like Sun is depressed in Kalyuga. Early indications of heart attacks can be found with your birth chart. Feel free to contact me to know the condition of heart. Happy Leo, Happy Heart. But on the other side, It is most prominent sign that can make you celebrity.. What the Combination!!!