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1st house :  Well educated, early marriage, very intelligent, quick witted, true businessman, extremely calculative, fickle mind especially in gemini sign, anxiety issues, Skin trouble, devout listener of religious scriptures, inclined towards mantras, tantras and astrology, can develop power to free people from evil spirits, good memory, afflicted mercury can cause complex and long term diseases.

2nd house : Excellent for wealth if well placed, Earning through family business, talkative, well versed in shastras, can attain Vak- Siddhi, worship of Goddess Saraswati, full of good qualities, aspect of Jupiter gives good mathematical ability, good planner of wealth, financial advisor, can become singer or poet.

3rd house : Support from younger siblings, Own business, gets success as commission agent, services, may have interest in musical instruments, creative skills, orator, long lived, tolerant, dexterous, skills to beautify the objects, malefic aspect can make timid and native finds difficulty in expressing the views, weak mercury causes throat diseases.

4th House: congenial environment in family, mother long lived, talkative mother, early gain of conveyances, well placed mercury can give huge property, can be nominated to parliamentary positions, rahu and mercury is excellent for politics, afflicted mercury will lead to loss of mental peace, lung and chest diseases, excellent for education till 10th.

5th house: many love affairs, Blesses with early child if exalted or own house, may give twins, very creative, gains through share market and lotteries, very calculative in investments, association with mars and Rahu can cause reckless investments, weak mercury can delay child or native may resort to adoption, belief in mantras.    

6th house : win over enemies through meticulous planning, excellent for service business, very good in creating controversies, excellent critic if mercury retrograde, associated with hospitals, skin diseases, conjunction with mars can cause skin rashes, gets success as advocate, may be associated with debt management, fear of breathing diseases.

7th House: Not very comfortable in house of marriage, fickle in relationships, however well placed mercury blesses with very good and intelligent spouse, loves variety, aspect of Jupiter can give long lasting partnership, wide spread reputation and facilitation by  Government, being eunuch planet can afflict the potency of sperm.

8th House: One of excellent position, long lived, windfall gain, ability to activate kundalini, learns obsolete and powerful Mantras, widely known for his qualities, may suffer with nervous diseases, ability to re-energise the lost assets, archaeologist.

9th house: Produces new generation of Religious gurus, Preaching in very logical way, quickly learns all religious rituals, devotee of God, learned in vedas and shastras, Good relation with father, Father may be business man, May work in Government department, well cultured, takes many pilgrimages.

10th House: Excellent position for Business or Career, conjunction with sun gives widespread reputation, well known for executive ability, well mannered, Good relation with superiors, can be selfish in achieving his ends, afflicted mercury leads to instability in career.

11th house: Many professional friends, gets full support from elder sibling, import-export business, calculative investments definitely yields expected results, performs many auspicious ceremonies, may earn through numerous sources, wealthy maternal uncles, multiple affairs.

12th house: Works in MNCs, Business with foreign companies, spends time in meditation, have the ability to connect with spirits, reiki healers, Astrologer, highly intuitive, writes and speak about spirituality, calculative in spending, well placed mercury makes the native to spend on societal causes.