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Dhanu (sagittarius) Rashi

Dhanu is the most religious Rashi ruled by the most auspicious planet Jupiter. It is sign of righteous path and all about following rules and regulations. Being ruled by Jupiter, it also indicates philosophy, knowledge of Higher intellectual status and a true believer of GOD. Natives are very comfortable with following rituals and customs of the society. It generally produces priests, university professors, spiritual gurus etc. Dhanu is the most luck sign among the 12 Rashis. Natives generally do not face much problem in life and sail smoothly through this material world. However, It also produces great religious reformers if conjoined by Rahu, the planet of eccentric thoughts. Professionally, they are usually found in banks, schools, courts, priests, trustees, advisers, religious discussions, book sellers, church, religious tourism and all those areas represented by jupiter. It is mooltrikona rashi of Jupiter and thus affliction to this sign can negate the individual of positive side of Jupiter. Dhanu also represents thighs and legs. If this sign is under malefic influence and connected with 6th house, it may cause diseases connected with thighs such as fracture. Overall, Sagittarius is the sign, you may be envious of because it is most benefic and positive sign.