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Saturn is considered the most dreadful planet in vedic astrology. It causes limitation, hardships, personality disorders, is cruel and brings fear in natives. That is partially true. Saturn never intends to deny any result, it only delays for some time. Shani teaches the reality of life and then gives auspicious results. Saturn is the natural lord of 10th house. 10th house in vedic astrology is house of status, recognition, career, government and position in the society. Having said this, how come saturn is not the planet of status? It is a complete myth that Saturn is the karaka of lower class people and connected career. Saturn is the ‘Servent’ and even top bureaucrats are actually serving the nation. that is why they are called ‘Civil Servents’. I have seen many birth charts having strong saturn and they are invariably connected with government jobs. So if you have strong Saturn.. you have every reason to smile