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Kumbha (Aquarius) Rashi

Kumbha’ is the most logical and scientific sign among all 12 Rashis. It is the Sign of networking, groups, social networking, partying, trade and eccentric sign. These natives generally detached and fails in displaying the true emotions. They are true scientists, loves astrology, astronomy, space explorations and a true social activist. The best part is they believe in welfare of the society, world and universe. UFOs, extra-terrestrial life and similar topics that attract these individuals. Electricity, research, electronics, defence research, railway, bus, industry, dealing with metals, ferries, bridges, aquatic products are the suitable career for Kumbha natives. Kumbha is ruled by Saturn and thus imparts coldness in relationships. It is moolatrikona sign of Saturn and hence positive qualities of saturn are manifested in this sign. It is natural sign of fulfilling hopes and wishes. Above all, the natives under this Rashi are true altruist