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Sagittarius (Dhanu) yearly prediction 2015

Sagittarius is one that sign, everybody would like to born into. It is a sign of positive outlook. 2015 will be the year of Reseach of Dhanu natives. Jupiter is posited in 8th house is supporting the research activities. You may be inclined towards leraning astrology, secret sastras or some kind of hidden knowledge. If jupiter is overall placed strongly in your birth chart too, it may bless you sudden gains from In-laws. Also Unexpected money may be recovered. However, there is need to be careful in respect to health and avoiding small issues at home. The 5th aspect of jupiter is beautifully aspecting the house of desire and Krishna blesses you in that regard. The first half of 2015 would be filled with suprise events, so you are going to have lot of fun. In the 2nd half of 2015, jupiter would move to your 9th house, a house of dharma. This period will be fruitful for those in the field of religion, higher education, Gurus. The Judges will also be benefited. The planets are also forcing you to visit spiritual places and pilgrimages. The last months of 2015 will bring cheers to married couples, who are waiting for their first child. Sagittarius natives will be in great demand for their wisdom and experience. Family members and colleagues may turn up to seek your guidance. Saturn,posited in 12th house is hinting at foreign connections. you can earn money through foreign connections or sources. Saturn would give to patience to save money. the enemies have lost their feet against you and not body can defeat you. Native in their old age, will find this year favorable for spiritual development. younger brother may visit foreign country to earn money. Rahu-ketu in 4-10 axis are in great position with respect to profession. Rahu is filling you with lot of courage to win over your opponents at work place. The mother’s health to be looked after. Strengthen your Knowledge and help the needy, suggests Sri Krishna. Do not miss any opportunity to work with foreigners or clients belonging to another culture