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Red Coral (Moonga)

Red Coral is recommended gemstone for Planet Mars. Mars is a planet of Aggression and protection. In Hindu astrology, it has been assigned the status of a Warrior who protects the boundaries of the Kingdom. Like Sun, Mars also causes Pitta Dosha. It causes sudden cuts, burns, accidents etc if afflicted in the chart. Mars Represents muscles, bone marrow and Haemoglobin. Along with Moon, it also determines the quality of blood. Hence any kind of Blood affliction is caused by weak Mars. Since Mars is also super-active planet, it also represents success in sports and competition.

Red Coral can channelize the positive energy of Mars in the body. It can be prescribed for any problems as mentioned above. Red Coral energise the body to accomplish the task. Any kind of blood disorders, irregular menses and frequent accidents can be controlled by this powerful Gemstone. Mars in conjunction with Venus inclines a native towards opposite sex. Natives having low sex cravings can use Red coral to improve their sex life.

Red Coral is an organic material which is found in various colours ranging from light pink to dark red. Japanese and Italian corals are best in their effects. Among them Japanense are better. Red corals are easily mistaken with Imitation or Synthetic corals. Pearls and Red corals must be tested in laboratory to determine its authenticity. It should be worn on Tuesdays preferably during Shukla Paksha in Mars Hora.