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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Jupiter energy is stored in Yellow Pukhraj. Jupiter is considered as the mostbenefic planet in Hindu Astrology.It is significator of Child, Husband, Guru, Wisdom, Higher and spiritual knowledge, Teaching, religious activities, Wealth (of knowledge), Ministers of Cabinet Rank etc. In Ayurveda, Jupiter is associated with KaphaHumor. So diseases related to fat, liver, excessive growth is controlled by Jupiter. Any malefic affliction to this planet can causes problems in those body parts. The common problems of Obesity, Cholesterol, Sugaretc are the outcome of afflicted Jupiter. 

Yellow Sapphire can help in balancing the metabolism of the body and thus cures the diseases of fat, glands and liver. It also facilitates painless pregnancy and childbirth. The problems of delay marriage can be solved with wearing this auspicious gemstone. Since Jupiter also promotes spiritual elements in the human beings, wearing yellow sapphire is beneficial for Spiritual Sadhana and meditation. It is the best antidote for negative thoughts and criminal tendencies. One who wears Yellow Sapphire never thinks for suicide as it brings hope and optimism into the soul.

Sapphire is found in all different colours, but Jupiter’s energy is represented by yellow colour. Hence, Light yellow to Golden yellow is usually accepted colour for this Gemstone. Yellow sapphire from Ceylon is considered best because of their clarity, and colour. The hardness on Mohr scale is 9. The substitute of Yellow Sapphire is Topaz which has hardness of 8. Beware of glass or synthetic sapphire.

Yellow topaz should be worn on Thursdays during Shukla Paksha. Index Finger is the most suitable finger.