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Green Emerald (Panna)

Green Emerald is another precious gemstone for Mercury. Mercury is an intelligent planet which rules over the any type of communication. It has become so powerful in 21st century that the total world is now being ruled by communication. Communication is the key to success. Hence whoever has strong mercury in the chart, is only going to be successful. Having said that this gemstone is very valuable in every sense. In Ayurveda, it is associated with all Doshasi.evaata, pitta and Kapha. Therefore mercury can be connected with any disease with any part of body. Primarily it is karaka for communication skill, nervous system, brain functioning, transmission of command from brain to all body parts, memory, hairs etc.

Green emerald is very effective in curing diseases associated with nervous system or any other as given in previous paragraph. Since it is karaka for education and brain development, it is very useful for kids. If your kid is lacking concentration, this gemstone can do wonders. All diseases associated with functioning of brain can be cured by this Green Emerald.

The colour of Emerald is found from light to very dark green to bluish green. Columbian emerald are best in quality. The colour of green grass is the best representation of most effective emerald. Russian and Brazilian emeralds are also good. Hardness is 7 on Mohr scale. The substitute for Green Emerald are Peridot, Oynx and Green Beryl.
It should be worn on Wednesdays in the auspicious Hora of ‘Mercury’.