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Diamond (Heera)

Diamond is the most precious of all gemstones. It absorbs the energy of 2nd most benefic planet Venus. Venus is Karaka for Luxuries and enjoyment. Along with mercury, Venus has overpowered the business all over the world. All celebrities are ruled by Venus. Film and media, dance, music, spa, Hotels, Chefs and liquid cash all have association Venus. Any kind of relationships either love affairs or husband/wife, or Gays or lesbians or sexual partners are ruled by Venus. In Human body Venus represents Sperms and Urine.
Thus Diamond is cure for all personal problems. Diamond can incline you to enjoy all sort of pleasures in life. Any affliction in Sperm can be cured by this beautiful gemstone. Urine infection can be controlled by this auspicious energy. Whoever has afflicted venus can easily become victim of urine infection especially females. The relationships can be improved among partners. The couples lacking in sexual satisfaction can wear this gem for best results. The problem of impotency, premature ejaculation is said to be cured by strengthening venus energy.

Determining the authenticity of Diamond is not a very difficult task. One must always remember that the diamond for astrological purpose must be solitaire.One should not use multiple small diamond stones. Also, its colour must be bright white and full of lustre. Since Diamonds are very costly, it is usually advised to wear the substitutes. White Zircon, Moissanite, Opal can be used to tap Venus energy.
This gem can be worn on Fridays during Shukla Paksha.